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" ...Every day Agent Arrange save us hours of time in admin ... "
- Sam, Punishment


What type of computers does Agent Arrange run on?
Agent Arrange is a Web based system and will run in the browser of any PC or Mac, tablet, iPad or smartphone.

Do I need any other software?

Can Agent Arrange support variable Commission Rates?

Can it do Supplements?

What kind of help and support is there for Agent Arrange?
Telephone, Email and Direct PC support. You don't just get Agent Arrange and never hear from us again. We pride ourselves on the quality of our customer support. Please see our Support Options page for details.

How many users can it support?
The system can cope with hundreds of users, you licence the system for a number of users.

Why do you lease your software instead of selling it?
We think leasing is the best model for software supply for both vendors and clients.

Is Agent Arrange a web based application?

How much does it cost?
See our Packages and Prices page for information.

I need to be able to check information during the evenings when I am out of the office, or when I am travelling. Can I do this?
Yes, you can access the system through the web browser in any PC, mac, iPad, tablet or smart phone.

I operate over more than one physical site. For instance my agency has a London and a Manchester Office, or I have studios spread out across town in several different buildings. How can agent arrange help me?
Because is is a web based system different users can access it from any site where they have an internet connection.

Does it work on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 10?

Does it work on Macs?

Does it work in Euros? How about Dollars?
The current version of Agent Arrange will work in only one currency, but providing it's a decimal currency (as almost all modern currency systems are) you'll be fine. So it will work in GBP, EUR, USD, AUD, etc. You pick whichever one you want.

How much do the SMS text messages cost?
SMS messages are an optional part of the system. Some clients use them, some don't. You purchase message credits from a third party suppler and the cost varies on the size of your order, typically it can be around 7p per message.

Questions about using a particular part of the product?
Why not Contact Us?

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