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" ...Agent Arrange halves the amount of agro in my job ... "
- Gemma, Fittings Division

Actors Actors

Quickly produce automatic casting sheets of Artists who meet a Job’s requirements.

Email and SMS your Artists to ask about interest or availability.

Artists CVs can automatically collect details of their previous work.

The Submissions tracker makes it easy to keep track of clients you’re pitching too, and the Gig Finder instantly shows you who they liked. Record what they thought of the Artist and what they thought of you. No more duplicate pitches,
and more work for your artists.


Are you looking for an actors agency booking system or actors agency diary software?
Our actors agency booking software combines a actors agency database, with a actors agency diary system, invoicing, debtor chasing and money flow systems to produce the most powerful booking system for actors agents available.

Why not contact us for a friendly chat about how our actors agency software can help you.

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